Monday, September 12, 2011


Recently I was on a social networking site that shall remain nameless.  I was in an open group that discusses the paranormal and different ways to deal with the 'other' side.  Normally on this discussion group the talk is pretty mild and friendly but this one day that I got on, someone was calling another member 'the head of the demon' and she must be cut off.  The accuser apparently thought the accused had summoned a demon and it 'appeared' at the accuser's home one day. 

The accuser came into the group and was telling/warning everyone to unfriend this person since the accuser thought the accused had sent a demon with the help of 2 others to her home.  Suddenly, I started to see as many as 30 people chime in on the what was being said and most believed the accuser's story.  This all worked everyone up into a frenzy and it appeared to me to be a modern day witch hunt of some kind.  Everyone was agreeing with each other that the 'head of the demon' needs to be cut off and the admin of this group site asked for everyone to do a group binding prayer to save all souls. 

Now, I find the paranormal and the paranormal world to be very interesting just on its own but after reading these comments and recomments, it has taken on a very weird feel to say the least.  I thought it had the feel and making of a movie of the week, joking aside.  But I thought I would blog about this because it only took one person in this case to start the ball rolling and it picked up steam and people as it rolled down that proverbial hill.  I have never witnessed anything like that ever or anywhere online in the many groups and sites that I belong to.  Now mind it, it was very interesting to see it all unfold in front of me and a littel disturbing since the accuser never really said what was said or what was done to bring a "demon" to her house.  Maybe it was a written disagreement and heated words were said and they were taken out of context?  I don't know really but it was fascinating to watch. 

Now that I have been back on that group to see what happened, the apologies have come out to the unlucky person who the accuser was accusing of all this demon sending.  After all that, it was actually a misunderstanding and heated words between a second person that got the issues going.  The accused didn't even know what had occured until the accuser went and asked directly to the accused if she had sent a 'demon' to her house. 

Part of the fascination of the whole episode is the power of suggestion.  After the accuser had initially posted her comments, many people started to comment that they too had felt some evil force or presence near them.  They also started to write that maybe that's why they were feeling ill and not themselves.  And these words gave them the fuel to think the worst had happened, a demon had attacked them all and it must have been the one lady who had no clue as to what was going on.  This can also be said about 'bullies' and the like that are among us.  Words can be a powerful thing.  When used wisely, words can save children and people from hunger, from disease and from danger, but when they are used loosely and without true knowledge of fact, they can be very destructive and even deadly.   Words have moved mountains so to speak as wars have broken out over different idealogies and mindsets. 

So just to say that this whole event really got me to think. 

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